Organize your Bitbucket issues using boards and cards.
Your clients will love you for it.

Bitbucket is awesome

We love it and use it every day to file bugs, do code-reviews and ship features using the pipelines. But managing Bitbucket issues can be a challenge.
We needed a better overview and a simpler user experience for our customers. That's why we're building Bitboard.

What is Bitboard?

Bitboard is a project management tool based on boards and cards. In Bitboard, you create boards which can synchronize issues, versions and components with one or more repositories in Bitbucket.

Sounds great - but what can I expect?

  • Organize projects using cards and boards

    Use boards and cards to track the progress of your projects.

  • First class bidirectional Bitbucket synchronization

    Changes made in Bitboard will automatically get pushed to Bitbucket. Bitboard supports issues, pull requests, versions & components.

  • Great user experience

    No more suffering through bad user experience design on your project management tools. Your team and clients will be happier making you more successful.

  • It's super fast

    We hate to wait for web apps to load so we've put a lot of time into making sure you don't have to.

  • Multiple repositories on a board

    Some projects might have multiple repositories for different services. Bitboard lets you track issues in multiple repositories on a single board.

  • Find the bottlenecks

    Get a quick overview of how many issues each member is assigned to across projects.

  • Works on all browsers

    Bitboard works on all browsers. Modern browsers will get the best experience whereas older browsers will get an old style server side rendered experience.

  • Free for Open Source projects

    Your open source projects can be managed using Bitboard for free. We ♥ open source.

  • SSL encryption for everyone

    It's 2017 and this should be expected.

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